Aya Natural Movement Retreat : MOVE. BREATHE. LOVE.

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Aya Natural Movement Retreat : MOVE. BREATHE. LOVE.

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Natural Movement: a 3 hour daily session with world-renowned Natural Movement teacher Erwan Le Corre covering the fundamentals (movement efficiency principles, breathing, ground movement, balancing, basics of jumping and running technique).
Life Coaching: a 2 hour daily session with Jessika Le Corre about self-love, beauty, relationships, parenting, health, and plants.
Plant Medicine: a nightly ceremony - 3 sessions total - with a Shipibo Master Shaman (46 years of experience) from a tiny remote village of the Ucayali jungle.
Optional trip to a jungle village, a 3-hour boat ride from the city the day after the retreat. And while you're in Peru, make plans to visit the historic Machu Picchu.

Registration information to follow. Airfare, accommodations, and food are not included. Participants will need to have a valid passport and book their own flights, including a domestic flight from Lima to Pucallpa. The dates of the retreat are June 28-29-30 (3 days), so plan your arrival the day before (27th) and departure the day after (July 1st). Hotel reservations can be made at http://www.manishhotel.com.pe/en/. Participants must contact the hotel to reserve a room. There is a small restaurant at the resort that serves delicious and healthy Peruvian food, juices, coffee, etc.

The cost of ceremonies is minimal and is paid directly to the Shaman, which supports his family. No profit is made on the plant medicine. 

For more specific information, feel free to email Jessika directly at jessika@feathereaglesky.com.