Sun Face Mist ( Immortelle, also known as Everlasting) Helichrysum italicum. Wild harvested in Corsica, France. We source from small farms and few hands. Sun Face Mist Floral water is a whole plant beauty must have! Calming sensitive skin, healing damaged skin, and its beautifying properties will make All skin types Glow!

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About the Mist

The botanical name Helichrysum italicum, come from the GREEK word helios (SUN) and it's gorgeous yellow flowers look like tiny suns. Immortelle is one of the best healing plant remedies for skin tissue. It renews and restores healthy skin, as it is an anti-oxidant that repairs free radical damage and stimulates cellular regeneration. These properties are why Immortelle has been used to mend the skin after damage and scarring – it heals scar tissue and can be used to disinfect a wound. Its anti-bacterial properties also make it excellent for acne and inflamed blemishes, as it clarifies complexions while reducing redness. Sun Face Mist adds instant hydration. It's spicy-honey aroma calms, softens, refreshes, and heals skin. A divine plant that will evoke the feminine.

Apply Beauty Face Oil for the ultimate GLOW!


Wild Harvested Corsican Immortelle
(Helichrysum) floral water.


Mist Face and Neck
Breathe in the intoxicating smell.
Gently massage Beauty Face Oil.
A Perfect Ritual to start and end the day.

Our products are more than just skin care,
they are a ritual of self love. They affirm
daily that without makeup, without a mask, you are
enough. For everyone when they are truly themselves,
is beautiful. Reclaim Pureness.