With Jessika and Erwan Le Corre

A 3 day COUPLES retreat in Yelapa, Mexico.
Date: February 12-13-14 of 2016
Price: (per couple, open to maximum 10 couples): $2290 early bird, $2500 regular price
Includes only: lectures and practice sessions
(doesn’t include: transportation, lodging, catering etc...)


Life is no less than the practice of energy, the connection to heart, soul, and Spirit. Love is the highest energy in life. Togetherness is the art of honoring and nurturing each other’s heart and soul. Romantic, spiritual partnership is a precious skill that requires knowledge and dedicated practice from both companions, so it can be turned into the most fulfilling and uplifting experience. 

Because love energy and life energy are closely related, a healthy, balanced lifestyle is an essential foundation to support a vibrant relationship. Toxic environments and low-energy behaviors combined can rob tremendous amounts of energy from both partners and impair the couple’s ability to give, receive, and share love. During this retreat you will learn fundamental principles, insights and methods for optimizing your environments and behaviors, and creating both the healthy lifestyle and vibrant relationship you are looking for.

Learn first-hand from the masters of High Life and High Love energy! Jessika and Erwan will teach you what makes each partner and a couple itself be strong, thrive, and last.



About Erwan and Jessika


Jessika and Erwan have been married for 6 years, they are parents to Feather, Eagle and Sky, and the founders of their own successful - and world-renowned - businesses FeatherEagleSky and MovNat

Jessika has been featured in Conscious Lifestyle, Local, Natural Awakenings, Experience Life & Modern Luxury for her work as the founder of Feather Eagle Sky. 

Erwan has been featured in Mens's Health, Outside Magazine, Natural Born HerosExperience Life, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, and many other outlets for his work as a movement and fitness visionary. 



Every day is made of a morning session (9-12am) and an afternoon session (3-6pm). Every session starts and ends with breath, meditation/stillness, and light Natural Movement practice, along with lectures and conversations about diverse topics related to love & health lifestyle (topics listed below).

Day 1

Morning session
- Introductions
- Introduction to meditation
- Issues with and solutions to modern indoor environments.
- Introduction to body care 

Afternoon session
- Connection with nature
- Natural movement and physical activity

Day 2

Morning session
- Nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, herbs & tonics
- Sleep

Afternoon session
- Self-love rituals
- Romantic love rituals


Morning session
- Sexuality & erotism: exercise
- Conception, birthing, breastfeeding, parenting

Afternoon session
- The art of simplicity
- Spirituality
- Plant medicine